52 Valentine’s Day Or Date Night Ideas [Something For Everyone]

52 Valentine’s Day Or Date Night Ideas [Something For Everyone]

52 Date Ideas = A Year’s Worth of Date Nights (if you do one per week)

That’s cute and all but you have to put your own personal twist on these ideas to make them special for your significant other! These ideas can be used for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or simply just to make a random night of the week a special one.

In the video I say this too but I can’t stress the importance- Valentine’s Day isn’t the ONLY day you have to put effort in a relationship. If you do that then the one you love may just end up with Fabio (the one on all the romance book covers).

Hopefully this video helped generate some ideas for a romantic date night for you! Now excuse me while I go drive my car through mud so that I have an excuse to go to a car wash… (inside joke, you’ll get it if you watch the video!)

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