50 Date Ideas for Every Stage: Dating to Married

50 Date Ideas for Every Stage: Dating to Married

50 Date Ideas for Every Stage: Dating to Married. Have you been keeping up with your relationship resolutions? Is about 10 days to February and most people have stopped trying with their resolutions. Are you one of them?
I figured since I was keeping up with one of my resolutions, which is to have more dates with hubby, that maybe you needed some help with your ideas.
Here are 50 date ideas for every stage of dating you are in including marriage.

1. Live theater 2. Bungee jumping 3. Skydiving
4. Ice skating 5. Roller skating 6. Reading a book together 7. Playing board games 8. Joining an improv class 9. Dance classes 10. Sing to each other 11. Go hiking 12. Country cabin getaway 13. Paintball 14. Theme park 15. Movie date 16. Gondola ride 17. Romantic dinner 18. Picnic 19. Opera 20. Learn to fly a plane 21. Beer pong 22. Darts 23. Arcade 24. Race karting 25. Motorcycle ride 26. Golf 27. Miniature golf 28. Horseback riding 29. Wine tasting 30. Ice cream 31. Take a stroll 32. Running 33. Comedy show 34. Bike ride 35. Coffee date 36. Paint & sip 37. Photo shoot 38. Parasailing 39. Swing on a swing 40. Long car ride with no destination 41. Camping 42. Lay in a hammock 43. Hot air balloon 44. Tend to a garden 45. Poetry reading
46. Speed boat 47. Jet ski 48. Massages 49. Beach day 50. Church

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