4 Tips| How To Find Love During Speed Dating

4 Tips|  How To Find Love During Speed Dating

Have you been wondering how to find love during speed dating? Would you like to learn 4 tips on how to succeed?

When you’re speed dating you can meet 10 to 15 men in one evening and guess what, you really can find Love! You can meet and attract people that you really like. There are just certain rules that will help you to attract them, communicate, make guys go crazy for you.

In speed dating, everyone is doing the same thing, asking the same questions…

Rule #1

You have to make sure that you are special. This means that you have to stand out from the rest of the people. Come up with a list of 10 unique questions that come from the heart that help you connect to the person you’re speaking to.

Rule #2

Pay attention to your confidence, your attitude and your body language. Show that you are having fun and that you are at ease.

Rule #3

Come up with personal compliments for anybody that you find interesting.

Rule #4

Let the person know that you really enjoyed meeting them




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