10 Reasons The Best AMWF Dating Scene For Asian Men Is New York City | Korean Dating Coach

10 Reasons The Best AMWF Dating Scene For Asian Men Is New York City | Korean Dating Coach

What’s the best city for an Asian man to meet and date beautiful, high-quality women for AMWF and AMXF relationships? Here’s 10 reasons why New York City has the best interracial dating scene for Asian men.

So what makes NYC and Manhattan so great? The Korean Dating Coach, Captain Daniel Hyun, is also your friendly neighborhood New York City Dating Coach and he’ll show you himself why NYC is so good to Asian men when it comes to AMWF dating.

This video will show you the many reasons why New York is such an awesome place to meet women for Asian Men White Females and other interracial dating pairs like AMBW (Asian Men Black Women) because:
– There are more women than men in NYC…
– It’s a multicultural city, and the people there are incredibly accepting of other cultures…
– And no matter what kind of woman and relationship you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

If you had to choose one place to go to meet the most women, pursue a rewarding career, and experience the best the entire world has to offer… it’s got to be New York City.

And best of all?

Capt. Dan is inviting you to experience NYC with him as your personal tour guide. He’ll introduce you to the sights, the sounds… and of course, the women, too.

Want to “be a part of it?” Watch the video ‘til the end to get the details.

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Hey everyone, this is captain Daniel hymn
from ABCs of Attraction.

On this video I’m going to tell you the main
reasons why New York city is the mecca for
dating for Asian men.

By the end of this video you’re going to pack
your bags and go find the love of your life
in New York city.

So first they have more women than men and
also these women are so open-minded.

It’s a multicultural city.

You see Asian men, you see African American
men, you see an African American woman, Asian

New York is a multicultural city.

So, one thing I love about New York is every
woman works.

To live in New York city every woman has a
job and they’re always about making themselves
better and it’s just you always meet quality
women there and also people love to go out
in New York city.

The nightlife is endless.

Their restaurants are open 24 hours.

They have places that literally go all night

If you want to go out and have fun and meet
a woman, there’s always something to do at
night but also during the day.

There’s beautiful women walking around everywhere
and the subway you could meet them at the

You could meet them going to whole foods.

But the difference is in New York city there’s
such an abundance.

They’re always walking around in New York
city and also logistics.

Guys in New York city you get from point a
to point b in a matter of 15 minutes.

Cars that tone with too much traffic, guess
what take the subway.

Another thing if you want to have date ideas
you got Bryant park which is a super romantic

They always have things popping up, new restaurants,
new chefs.

There’s always something you could try.

It’s just an amazing city that always has
things going on and also Asian food, New York
city has one of the best Asian food.

I remember one of my Chinese friends said
it actually has really good quality Chinese
food and also they got whole k-town.

Where you could actually go on a date and
you can show your girl the culture for you
know Asian Americans and also they’re just

One thing about New York city is that yes
if you don’t want a girlfriend at the time
and you just want a you know just dating women
and there’s plenty of women you will see would
do that.

But also, if you want to get married there’s
women who is looking for more something more

But one thing about New York and the women
there’s just open-minded about everything
and also they’re very receptive.

Obviously if they’re in traffic and like they’re
just trying to go somewhere, yes it’s very
difficult to probably approach them.

But when they’re going out most women wants
to meet other awesome men and guess what?

In New York city as an Asian male you are
very career-oriented right, and you can find
great jobs in New York city and the fact that
you say you live in New York is already a

Which is demonstration of high value.

So, the fact that you say you are from New
York city, the women know that your very career-driven.

So, you know how like Tinder and Hinge dating apps in other
cities like la or even any cities like Miami,
you struggle to even get one match per day;
that is different in New York city.