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Are you in search of the one?
Get instant, real, and professional love & relationship advice. The Dating Advice app has a unique love calculator that will help you get clarity about your current relationship or love interest.

While all of us are wondering - is he / her the one for me, there is a way we could get some real insights about our relationship. Whether you are looking for love or think you have found the one, we give you the ultimate relationship advice. Using the love calculator, talk to a love psychic, and get real love advice. This is the perfect way for you to understand more about your relationship.

The app for the best love advice!
- Answer the questions about your current relationship
- Get your unique love score- low / medium / high
- Get insights about your relationship
- Choose a love category you wish to talk about
- Get divorce, breakup, cheating, and dating tips from our gifted love psychic
- Get an expert love reading from a gifted, online psychic advisor
- Get tips on how to find love

Why download the Dating Advice App app?
* Live spiritual love advisors offering love reading and advice that will help you make the best decisions
* One of a kind love tool that will give you insights about your love life and relationship
* Unedited ratings and reviews by clients
* 3 million+ clients, 95% satisfaction rate
* Detailed profiles listing of expert psychic readers that offer love & relationship advice
* Free love psychic readings - get the first 3 minutes FREE every time you contact a new psychic, in any category
* We offer online psychic readings like you would find with California Psychics, Keen, and Psychic Txt.
* Satisfaction guaranteed
*You will always remain anonymous. Your Privacy is our priority*

Why should you talk with our love psychic readers?
When it comes to matters of the heart, there’s nothing more sensitive. Often, we find ourselves feeling vulnerable, in denial, or naive. This is why it’s great to get an unbiased view from an experienced, professional, and gifted love psychic advisor who can offer love readings that will help you lead a love-filled life.

Review all our gifted psychics, choose your favorite psychic, and start a conversation with him/her. Get a FREE Psychic reading for the first 3 minutes! Get all the insights you need- whether you are looking for love, feel your current partner is unloyal, or you have just come out of a breakup. We give expert psychic readings like California Psychics, Keen, and Psychic Txt.

Awesome Features:
* Online and available love psychics- giving you love advice.
* Personal Love Calculator Match Tool that will help you see beyond the things you know.
* Love categories - marriage tips, divorce tips, relationship tips are just some of the advice that’s offered.
* Love & relationship readings.
* New Users get a FREE reading for the first 3 minutes with each new psychic!
* Satisfaction guaranteed. 3 million customers agree, using our psychic reader platform.
* Private Psychic readings, confidential, and secure.
* Relationship advice- Get professional advice for your love life!
* Talented, experienced live psychics who will give you the advice you need.
* Friendly customer service available 24/7.

Why are we the best?
For over 20 years we have been committed to providing quality online psychic hand readings via live chat and email to help you attain a life full of love and happiness. Millions of happy clients and 5-star ratings and reviews is a testament to the fact that we only hire the best psychics - Even our new psychics are seasoned professionals who meet strict quality guidelines.

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Big Bort

2020-06-29 10:00:11

You get 3 min free talking to an 'expert' after entering your credit card. Each 'expert' then charges absurd by the minute rates. The lowest rate I have seen is $2/min. The higher rates being $30/min.

Janet Jackson

2020-06-18 11:47:52

Having a shower, a shave and putting on something suitable actually helped me impress my date and get me off to a good start. Such good love advice!

Felix Mercado

2020-06-18 15:39:18

This app gives me the love advice that all I have to worry about is turning up on time. I will get there 30 mins earlier!

Melody Melton

2020-03-21 02:52:58

Dating Advice is a perfect way for you to understand more about your relationship. It will give you a lot of interesting tips on your current relationship and how to find love.


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